Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Beware Ken Solar

Hey folks, regarding Ken Solar at the following location:

I wanted to give you all a heads up. I purchased one of his Portable Solar Power Generators back in October of 07, which includes a solar panel, battery, and a cart. Check it out here:

I received the solar panel within a couple of weeks, but the battery and cart never showed up. said to allow a month for delivery, which I did, then I contacted them to determine where the rest of my order was. I was told that the rest of the order was essentially backordered and would ship no later than December 7th. Near the end of December I emailed them again to determine if the order was shipped by December 7th, but I received no response. Since then, I have sent them numerous requests, either via email or through his website, and have not received a response.

Furthermore, I have tried calling him, but the operator comes on the phone and tells me that the number cannot be connected. This might be a regional thing I suppose, but it seems strange that in this day and age a phone call cannot be completed. So here we are in February, well over 3 months since I placed my order, and I'm still missing half my order. I payed by money order, so he's had my money all this time, and he can't be bothered to respond to my requests.

Now when you check out his website, it says that all the holiday shipments have been delayed:

"PLEASE NOTE: This 2008 holiday has been the busiest I have ever had. That's good, but at the same time, it has really slowed down some shipments from the fulfilment company that I use. They are getting caught up now, but slowly. I do expect to see them finish all the shipments though within the next few weeks, by the end of February at the very latest. I apologize from the bottom of my heart that it has taken this long, but you have my Word that I have done, and am doing everything I can at this end to get them all caught up ASAP. Thanx again for your order and patience, you're going to love the products, I promise! Smiley"

My order was back in October, long before any holiday season, and he gave me the same story back then when I first contacted him except now the orders will ship "by the end of February at the very latest" as opposed to "December 7th". If the guy would simply respond to my request and let me know that the order is still forthcoming, I'd be happy with that, but at this point, I have no confidence that I'll ever hear from him, ever receive my order, or if he's even still in business. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau in his location, so maybe they'll have some better luck.

Anyway, thats my story. Do what you will with this information...


jake said...

Can you please email me? My email is dave at shirtees dot net and I run It would have been nice if you used your name or at least some form of contact information. Right now it looks like some guy is posting his dislike for KenSolar. How would I know if you arent one of his competitors? I dont.

But I'd like to believe your story. I personally have not had a problem with KenSolar. Im sorry to hear about this problem.

Did you file a report with Better Business Bureau? Whats the outcome of that? Is he a member of BBB? Usually if they are members they will reply to your complaint promptly, if they are not members, they are not obligated to reply to you.

In any case... there are a few other things you can do, like filing complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, but before that try to fix the problem with the company directly.

Beware Ken Solar said...

Hi Dave, I'm definitely on the level and have all the documentation to prove it.

I've contacted the BBB, and they contacted him on my behalf, and of course he did not respond to them either.

I've also contacted the Atty General in Florida, the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer services, all without any results.

Now, I just saw this statement from another person at DIGG:

"me thing happened to me! I ordered in Sept 07 and still haven't received the full order. What can we do?"

See it here:

So it appears this kind of activity is nothing new for Ken Solar. The funny thing is I was going to buy several solar panels and several batteries, and this was just my first step towards that, but Ken Solar won't be seeing any of that business now.

I'll send you an email.

mothersbow said...

Yup, it happened to me on 3/11/08. Haven't heard a peep out of him except his generated reply that never changes. I have been scammed and I really need that money! I wrote to the BBB and plan to call the FBI tomorrow am. This site needs to be shut down....and investigating that like another one of the same websites by the same programmer. I would be afraid from buying from him too. Look at it, there are many similarities!

write me at

youknow said...

Burnt by kensolar too.
I got nothing at all except to find out from my bank that he had cashed my check.

I asked for my money back with interest compounded momently (at 24%) from the time he cashed the check, I asked him to send the same form email to me again for his confirmation of this legal agreement, and he did!

At least doing this made me feel better.

youknow said...

It is now nearly fall, and I have just received, from kensolar, a wire, part of the solar panel kit, I purchased. Although the sun is lower in the sky, and the days are getting shorter, it is still good to see the hopeful signs of an approaching solar panel.

I will update when/if(?) the rest of the solar panel kit arrives.

There is still hope, and hope is there, still.
People are generally good and honest.

steddy-dub said...

Ken Silver is the owner of Ken Solar! His name is Ken Silver, owner of Ken Solar. KEN SILVER is his name.
This will make sense of WHY and WHEN the creator of this discussion/topic, BewareKenSolar, received the rest of his order, and also WHY and WHEN omelie45 received a refund!
The following article is copied from, a press website for Fort Myers, FL & Southwest Florida. To see the article for yourself, try Google-searching exactly what appears in these brackets: ["kensolar" "ken silver"], but you may have to view via Google-cache by clicking "Cached" next to the search result.

"beginning of article"
"TELL MEL: Generator scam has customers in the dark
Melanie Payne - - July 28, 2008
I'm a sucker for sustainable, going-green, tree-hugging type products.
But Ken Silver didn't target his advertisements to folks like me. He appealed to the off-the-grid, survivalist, conspiracy theorist customer. Maybe because he thought those people wouldn't go to law enforcement agencies or to the mainstream media when he ripped them off.
He misjudged these folks.
At least 10 people have filed complaints against Silver and his company,, with local and federal authorities after they paid $1,200 to $3,000 each for solar-powered generators they never received.
Silver didn't answer my e-mails. None of the phone numbers I found for him worked. Even his address I'm not sure about, because public records put him in Naples and Cape Coral.
On the KenSolar Web site, it says:
"Everything I sell is 100% Guaranteed so in case something did happen to your goods, rest assured I would have them refunded or replaced for you immediately. Without Word Of Mouth advertising, I would have been out of business a long time ago. I keep my customers happy, nuff said. :)"
Customers I talked to weren't happy at all as they bad-mouthed Silver and KenSolar.
Most hadn't heard from Silver in months. But Randy Thigpen of Port Allen, La., recently did get in touch with Silver after not hearing from him since April, a month after Silver cashed Thigpen's $1,299 check.
According to the e-mail, KenSolar had found a new supplier. Did Thigpen want a refund or the generator, he asked. Thigpen opted for the latter and soon received a box with a piece of wire that he can't use without solar panels or a battery.
He's hoping Silver will come through with the rest of delivery.
"I have to have some confidence that this guy is not a total flake," Thigpen said. "I heard him advertised for two years and I wasn't concerned it was a fraud or a scam."
Carolyn Tabb, of Raymond, Miss., thought KenSolar was legitimate, too. That's why she sent him $1,299 in February for a generator. But now she's almost given up hope of getting it.
The 71-year old filed a complaint with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. But the deputy who took her complaint, she said, "made me feel like an idiot, like, what did I expect?"
Barbara Perry of Sibley, Mo., is also critical of how authorities allow KenSolar to stay in business on the Internet, taking money and not shipping out products.
"Oh, thank God," she said when I called her. "No one is doing anything. And he took us for $3,000."
The 70-year-old Perry filed a complaint with the Lee County Sheriff's Office on May 6.
"They (the sheriff's office) said they would give it to the prosecuting attorney to see if they should take it," Perry said. "Why shouldn't they take it?"
KenSolar doesn't have a business tax receipt to operate in Lee County, the Lee County Tax Collector's records show.
That's in line with the view he expresses on his MySpace page where he wrote: "We need to free OURSELVES. The government needs to stay the heck out of others people's business!"
Let's hope the Lee County Sheriff's Office Economic Crimes Unit, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Internet Crime Complaint Center - which have all received complaints about - don't feel the same way and will work to shut Silver's operation and to recover his customers' money.
"end of article"

steddy-dub said...


Remember, the owner of Ken Solar is Ken Silver. His PO Box is in Fort Myers Beach, FL, but Google-searching his name shows he lives in Cape Coral, FL which is about 20 miles away from Fort Myers Beach. Of course, the address & phone number on the listing could be fake I suppose. I had the nerve to call at 5am, and got an answering machine which claimed to be someone named Larry!

Here is a follow-up article from, again by Melanie Payne. Thank God for Melanie Payne!

"beginning of article"
TELL MEL: Sheriff’s nudge prompts conscience
By Melanie Payne - - August 4, 2008
I just wrote about most of the things you'll read in today's column. But it's amazing how fast things can change sometimes when a little light gets shed.
- Company responding -
Law enforcement turned up the heat on The company had received thousands of dollars in customer payments and never shipped out the so-called "solar-powered generators" it had promised.
Owner Ken Silver started delivering on those orders last week after the Lee County Sheriff's Office issued this statement:
"Detectives with the Lee County Sheriff's Office Economic Crimes Unit have concluded their investigation into a local business operating via the Internet. Numerous complaints had been received concerning of Fort Myers Beach claiming fraud. Media interest was extensive, thus prompting this advisory.
Further investigation reveals no probable cause for criminal charges ... investigators have confirmed either refunds or the shipment of the items are being completed."
People started calling me Wednesday to say they had started receiving refund checks or their generators. Amazing how a little law enforcement investigation can motivate a shoddy businessman to do the right thing.
"end of article"

steddy-dub said...


Just to be clear, the owner of Ken Solar is Ken Silver. This guy had obviously made it nearly impossible to track down his name, and that's why I am now here as a whistleblower. I am determined to receive a refund! I honestly admit that I should not have trusted this operation, and I was easily seduced because, a) he was a sponsor of Genesis Communications Network, b) the subject matter on the Ken Solar website.

Thank God for Melanie Payne, the consumer watchdog for I called and left a message on her answering machine to see if she had any advice or updates on how to attain a refund. I am awaiting a call back, and I will post any updates on my order status on this discussion.

Investigative reporter Melanie Payne writes about scams, government waste and abuse, consumer rip-offs, public health issues and crime in the column Tell Mel. If you have a tip, complaint or a whistleblower alert call: 239-344-4772, email: or write Tell Mel, The News-Press, 2442 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33901.

Unknown said...

October 13, 2008. It seems his web site is missing. He also got me for the Solar Power Generator.

And yes I got a envelope with a wire in it. That must have be the length of his conscience.

youknow said...

Haven't received any more than a wire although he said that he had shipped 4 packages.

Hi ken,:(
you are obviously internet savvy, So I have no doubt that you will read this.


Thank you for your time.

catpoet said...

HI Folks: It looks like I am one of those defrauded also. I am a Psychologist/Private Investigator. Kensolar was registered as a Florida Corporation on 8/13/2008. Ken Solar is listed as the VP of the company. President is Jerry E. Webster. They are apparently located in Naples. 1100 South Sixth Avenue South,Naples, FL .

Please give me a day or two to make some discreet inquiries before trying to contact them. I was trained in Virginia in PI work, and will see if I can find these guys,as well as more information on them.

If you wish to contact me, my email address is

I too have had it with fraudsters.

catpoet said...

Ken Silver is indeed one of the owners of this company. The other owners are Jerry Webster, and Timothy Neitzel, and the registered agent is Jeffrey A. Wood, all in Naples Florida. I called Mr. Webster at his office of Elite Media Group and he was "not in" nor were his colleagues. Though Mr. Silver registered a fictitious name for in December 2006 in Lee County, Kensolar was not registered as a business in Floride until August 13, 2008. These guys have another company also registered in August 2008 called Ready to Go Solar. I spoke to Mr. Wood today about the problem, and he said if I would send him my order and the copy of the cashiers check, he would pass on this information to his clients. This is computer fraud and complaints should be directed to the computer fraud division of the FBI - - the more who complain, the more likely an investigation. Also, complain to Florida State Divison of Corporations, that you were defrauded of your money, that the company was not registered in Florida and he was not taking any florida sales tax. I threatened both these actions as well as a civil lawsuit unless I got a refund within 10 days. Send all complaints to Jeffrey A. Wood, attorney at Law, 900 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 102, Naples Florida, 34102.HI phone number is: 239-659-5297. The address of Kensolar, and well as Elite Media Group and Ready to Go Solar is as follows if you care to have a personal confrontation, but otherwise, send your information to Jeffrey Woods. Address for Elite Media Group and Kensolar is 1100 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 224, Naples Florida 34102. Phone number is: 239-649-5010. If you call, do not expect them to be in. I tried. I have been through something like this once before and if we all dog these people, we will get satisfaction, but persistence is the key. If I can help anyone, please email me. I am glad to do it. These kinds of people really make me mad!! If you are worried about my honesty, look me up on the Florida Psychology Board and you will see I am for real. Peace, Gail Nelson.

Spikeleon said...

I too have been ripped of by Ken Solor, I order Two complete Solor generators in Mid August 2008 and got two cables for $2000. I can't believe I didn't see thes post earlier. I want some of Ken Solar. Lets stick together and get his butt. My email is My webpage is


Spikeleon said...

October 28 2008 I also have been ripped off by Ken Solar, I bought two complete Solar Generators in Mid August of 2008 for $2000 and Also got two cables for my money. His web site is now been taken down and won't respone like you'll. I want his butt, I can't believe I didn't see these post earlier. My email is My webpage is


Unknown said...

I too had ordered a solar powered generator with 2 solar panels and received a letter from Ken regarding closing legal notice and did not send me the return check for the refund with the letter. I want my money back! Any help will be highly appreciate.
Ahilia 11/6/2008 Email:

catpoet said...

Everyone: Call Detective John Schaell of the Lee County Sherriff's office. 239-477-1200. Complain loudly. The "legal notice" and explanation by ken is just a delaying tactic. Obviously this is not a guy we can trust. I am trying to get a group together to file a lawsuit against him. No money required. email me at

youknow said...

Hello Ken Silver! I just got your legal notice about your company, kensolar.con closing, and your difficulties. Avoiding bankruptcy is important to you, and I hope you find a job. Thank you for your written promise to re-pay me the money I sent you. Make sure to include the interest, as it's growing with's on your conscience. and conscience, is the only thing of value, we truly possess.

catpoet said...

I have recently spoken to John Schaell at the Lee Country Sheriff;s office. Despite many complaints, he does not see this as criminal fraud, thus no charges against him. A cursory investigation at best.

For those who have been ripped off, our only alternative is a civil lawsuit in small claims court in Collier County. First, we have to know his address to get Ken Silver served. Oh, but the Lee Country Cheriff's office won't give it to you. Anybody know? I am seraching and will re-post what I find.

jake said...

Im very happy to see Ken Solars website shut down and him out of business. Im sure he will just start up another one in another city. These type of creeps DO NOT have a conscious.

Filing a lawsuit against Ken will vindicate you are right and he is in the wrong, but probably will go no where if the guy doesnt have any real assets. He'll just file bankruptcy and nobody gets anything. Personally, I would still probably do it, to make his low life even more miserable and more impossible to dig out of the ditch he has created for himself.

My sister was recently in a car accident. Not her fault, someone moved into her lane and crashed into her car. She took them to small claims and was awarded $5000, but the lady who hit my sister is broke.


Unknown said...

I'm glad to hear this asshole has been shut down. Unlike others, I did receive everything after countless emails and phone calls. That was back in 2006 so he was just getting his ring of deceit underway. Everything showed up after I told him I'd be calling in the Alex Jones show to let everyone in listening range know what a sleaze he was. I regret not making the call since it might have saved many of you the cost and aggravation you have gone through. I got an excuse about his warehouse and then one about his girlfriend...blah blah blah...I told him if I didn't have the items within 7 days to listen for me. The items arrived, albeit the generator was damaged, so I didn't call.

I have since become VERY leery of those who advertise on GCN. claiming silica is a precursor to calcium is scientifically inaccurate and completely ludicrous. I will give AJ credit, he has no control who advertises via GCN during his show so if he doesn't personally recommend it, I consider it snake oil crap.

Buyer beware.

Unknown said...



This outfit that bills itself as "one of the nation's leading providers of self-defense training, licensing, education..." operates of a shared conference room in an executive center and uses airsoft and BB guns to "qualify" the people who are stupid enough to buy the story its proprietor, Ken Silver sells.

They are NOT a national outfit. Silver has tried to pimp franchises of "Gun School" unsuccessfully. He'll promise you the world to get your money... but NEVER deliver.

Watch this video that WINK news did covering their "professional licensing and education" program:

They are currently under cease-and-desist orders from the State of Florida due to their issuing private security and investigation professionals fraudulent training certificates. The State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services' Division of Licensing has a open felony fraud investigation involving Silver and 'Gun School.' Ken Silver has had his Class "K" Firearms Instructor license suspended pending revocation. All of his NRA civilian firearm instructor credentials have been suspended or revoked by the NRA as well. The State of Florida will no longer process CCW (concealed weapons license) permit applications or armed security license applications that have been issued by Silver or "Gun School."

As a result of the state's investigation into the numerous and multiple acts of fraud perpetrated by Silver and "Gun School', many security officers and private investigators that trusted this outfit have had their occupational licenses either suspended or revoked, and have been hit with up to $500 fines.

Slick ad campaigns and half-naked females posing as instructors on promotional materials DO NOT make up for the lack of ethics and integrity possessed by ANYONE associated with "Gun School." Do your homework, but remember... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. You'll get ripped off the moment you are foolish enough to step inside this scam school.

UPDATE: As of September 20, 2013... Silver has removed himself as Registered Agent and Owner/President of "Gun School" on the Florida State Division of Corporations.

He's still de facto operator, yet he's trying desperately to distance himself as the felony fraud rap closes in ever tighter.

Tino V.

Unknown said...

Ken Silver's back... with a BRAND NEW SCAM!!

Click the link above to learn all about it.. and him.

catpoet said...

I love it when these psychopaths and con artists put their crimes on the internet. This largely happened because Lee Country PD did not do their job, though this was reported and they were warned many times.

SO, what do we do. 1) I will see if a PI friend will do another background run on him and 2) I will put this whole page up on my google blog, fraudbuster81342. It should come up when you google his name in a day or two. THIS IS THE COURT OF LAST RESORT. Not a damn thing he can do...whenever someone wants to look him up...there he is in all his psychopathic glory. This is not a guy to approach. Email me if you want to know why. Gail

LB said...

Jerry Webster is still scamming people daily in Naples, FL. Now he is a realtor in Naples! I would not trust this thief in or near my home! Goggle him and you can see a picture.

Not fooled by him said...

He most certainly is! I'm a eye witness to it happening to a very close family friend who happens to be older and who is chronically ill and infermed. ***Be aware that a moving company may also be connected in his shady realestate deals